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Class Descriptions

Ballet, pointe, jazz and tap dance classes

Kindergarten/1st Grade Combo

Ages 4½ -6 (Kindergarten), 45 min class
For all those inspiring dancers! Twirl, jump, and leap through class! Basic ballet, tap and hip hop make this class a great way to experience several forms of dancing! Ballet and tap shoes required. Royal leotard and pink tights required. Canvas ballet slippers no ties and tan tap shoes.



1st grade to Teen, 45 minute to 1 hour class
Ballet levels broken down by technique and ability. Barre exercises, centre, across the floor and graceful combinations for the aspiring ballerina. Ballet helps with all forms of dance including poise, grace, and musicality. Pink canvas ballet slippers no ties, royal blue leotard and pink tights.


Adult Ballet

Ages 18 and up
For the dancer who wants to learn grace, coordination and ballet movements. It’s never too late to start dancing or start dancing again! No dress code.


Lyrical, contemporary, pom, cheer, and hip hop dance classes


Ages 11 and up
Ready to dance on your toes? This class is for the serious dancer. Must be teacher approved and in at least two ballet classes.



Got happy feet? Start perfecting those shuffles, flaps and more! Exciting tap class with a caring touch for the young dancer! Royal Blue Leotard and tights required. Tan tap shoes revolution brand.



Take your dance skills to the next level by mastering jazz techniques. High energy combinations and improvisation exercises make this the perfect class for dancers to really express themselves. This class will focus on improving flexibility, strength, and style. Royal Blue Leotard, tights, and jazz shoes required.



Lyrical type movements with expressive modern style dance. Swings, tosses, tilts, twists and more. Expressive combinations with heart felt music. Student must be in an additional ballet class.



Hip Hop/Acro Tumble

Pop, lock and jam out to the latest tunes in this class! Learn the coolest hip hop moves and put them together for great combinations that you’ll be dancing even when you are not in class! Black hip hop dance sneakers. Royal Blue Leotard



Shine Dance Company in Setauket, NYShine Competition

We offer a competition team for dancers serious about performing. Audition required. Competition students required to take classes in the styles of their competition routines. All students required to take ballet and technique.


Fit 43

Want to get in shape? This class will shape, tone and push your muscles into a lean dancer type body using power yoga, cardio-barre and pilates. 3-5 lb weights and yoga mat suggested.



Ages 7 to adult
Worship style dance. Be inspired to dance with praise music and uplifting songs. No experience needed. Workshops offered in fall and spring.